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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I do anything with my floor drain in the basement?

The siphon (p trap) has water in it to block the smell from the city sewers. Over time the water in the siphon dries out. Rule of thumb is you should pour a bucket of scalding hot water down it twice a year. This will clear the siphon and flush out any dirt and maintain the p trap. Also, never cover the p trap, it needs air flow.

Which is best, an acrylic shower base or custom tile?

Both options are good. It will depend on availability and space. The custom installation is with the Wedi product and is 100% waterproof. This product allows us to customize the space creating it to also be wheelchair accessible if needed. 

Do you always have to remove a load bearing wall to achieve an open concept?

Not necessarily, in some cases, the number of mechanical lines may create more cost by relocating these (ductwork, plumbing, electrical, etc.) Sometimes an easier and more economical solution is to remove a portion of the wall or create an opening through the load bearing wall.

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