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Here's some interesting news!!!!!
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Here's some interesting news!!!!!

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Are you tired of those baskets in your shower enclosure that don't seem to be tall or wide enough and even have an ackward shape to them for your shampoo and conditionner bottles? Do you bump your elbow on it?

Well rest assure.....Capolavoro Renovation as the answer....... 

We have pre-fabricated niches by Schluter. They are easily inserted between two studs (16" center). They are by far the way to go. They are ressess in the wall. All that is left to do.... is to tile it!

Niche with adjustable shelf

There's a variety of different sizes available with the option of adding some shelves. In the event that those sizes are not satisfactory for your shower enclosure....we will gladly custom build on site! 
niches, ressess shelvings, soap dish, custom built niches
Published: April 16, 2013