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Here's some interesting news!!!!!

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Waterproof membrane-Ditra

The waterproofing of floors in your bathrooms is one of your best investments!

To waterproof your floor with the Ditra membrane, all thatDitra Membrane is required is for you to determine what is your finished floor height according to the adjacent room, usually the hallway. 

This innovative product, which is created by Schluter Sytems, allows you to select different thicknesses for different applications.

No more self-leveling cement when introducing radiant flooring, because the membrane available for this application is 5/16" thick and allows for the in-floor radiant coil to be ressess into the membrane.

The uncoupling, waterproofing, vapor management and support/load distribution membrane is by far the the way to go.

Our experienced stafff, at Capolavoro Renovation Inc, are certified for the installation of this product.
waterproofing membranes, schluter system
Published: October 10, 2011