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Here's some interesting news!!!!!
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Here's some interesting news!!!!!

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Denshield boards
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This product which is called "Denshield boards" which measures 32x60 and is an ideal product for tub or shower enclosures. It is much better then the blue or green board. It is the ideal ceramic tile underlayment for new construction, bathroom remodeling and many other high humidity or wet areas.

This tile backer is a substrate for wall and ceiling ceramic tile installations and has a built-in moisture barrier which protects tile installations and the wall cavity from the effects of moisture in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Denshield and liquid membrane 
Along with that we use a liquid membrane just to seal all the seams and the screw heads. 
waterproof boards, liquid membrane, membrane,
Published: April 29, 2014

Kerdi Boards
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This innovative product allows for a multitude of different projects!!!! It is a waterproof board. They come in different thickness to answer the need of the project at hand. 

Kerdi Boards thickness

This product can be use from building your bathroom and shower walls, and even the podium for your soaker tub. It can also be use for a kitchen countertop that would be tiled!

From building shower benches to shelves...this product is a must in a wet environment!!!

kerdi, ditra, waterproof membrane
Published: April 16, 2013

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Are you tired of those baskets in your shower enclosure that don't seem to be tall or wide enough and even have an ackward shape to them for your shampoo and conditionner bottles? Do you bump your elbow on it?

Well rest assure.....Capolavoro Renovation as the answer....... 

We have pre-fabricated niches by Schluter. They are easily inserted between two studs (16" center). They are by far the way to go. They are ressess in the wall. All that is left to do.... is to tile it!

Niche with adjustable shelf

There's a variety of different sizes available with the option of adding some shelves. In the event that those sizes are not satisfactory for your shower enclosure....we will gladly custom build on site! 
niches, ressess shelvings, soap dish, custom built niches
Published: April 16, 2013

Floor receptacle
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Is it possible to have a receptacle on the floor in the middle of a basement?

Indeed it is!!!!

.....the wiring is a special one along with the box and finish trim. Floor receptacle

It's especially practical if you want a free standing lamp behind a recliner or couch (which is in the middle of the room) without having the electric cord run from the wall to your lamp. Also use to power up for example: air hockey table or other powered units.
floor receptacle
Published: April 16, 2013

Waterproof membrane-Kerdi
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The waterproofing of walls in your bathroom, wether it is in the tub area or shower enclosure,  is one of your best investments!

The uncoupling ,waterproofing, vapor management and support/load distribution membrane is by far the the way to go. Waterproof walls

Our experienced staff, at Capolavoro Renovation Inc., are certified for the installation of this type of product.

This innovative product, which is created by Schluter Sytems, protects this area to keep of free of mold, mildew; protecting your investment.
waterproofing membranes, schluter system
Published: November 19, 2011
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